The Author

Megan Beck was born in Japan in 1990.  Her passion for beauty grew among the many cultures and countries she grew up in.  What started as being the local fashion advice expert broadened to being the guide for both herself and women alongside her to discover and develop the inward beauty she calls "radiance".  Megan founded Radiance Runway as she she entered the modeling industry in Los Angeles and San Diego in January 2015 to record the parallel journies of shining outward and beauty and radiating inward beauty.

She lives with her husband, Zack, in Oceanside, California, and cat, Cally.  They keep busy between her modelling, tutoring, trustee, and writing jobs and his political and ministry pursuits, but always take time to enjoy life with the long walks, surfing, hiking and photography of the outdoors and fine dining, dancing, and music events of the nearby city, San Diego.

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